Tomorrow won’t be coming.

Fantage closes today.

This game was my home when I wasn’t capable of finding a home myself.

I gave it far too much shit, I think. And I think I focused on too many of the wrong things when I should’ve been looking at the positives of it.

Real talk: I’ve found that most of the time throughout my life, I’ve done things to try and capture some sort of a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity. I love that feeling. I want that feeling. It gives me a reason to be, a reason to keep going and keep searching for that elusive bigger reason that always seems to be just out of my fingertips. I lose it a lot. I lose track. I lose myself. That’s why I seek this feeling! It gives me a sense of self.

This game gave me that feeling. It reminded me that I was alive and I had a lifetime of possibilities ahead and sometimes I needed to sit down and just… let… go.

Fantage took me in. It gave me what I needed during a very rough time in my life. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I was incapable of connecting with others. I was really depressed.

Eventually, though, the tables turned. I let go of Fantage. And now I’m letting go again– truly letting go.

I have a new home now. It’s not in a game. It’s not in a book. It’s not online. It’s real.

But I couldn’t have gotten there without this stupid, silly, dumb, horribly-run, amazing, time-wasting, extravagantly fun bomb of a children’s game.

For this, Fantage, I thank you. And I thank all of you as well, for you truly gave this game the life that it needed and deserved.


The next adventure awaits.

Sweet dreams.

I won’t be posting here anymore

I’ve cancelled my mem and I’ll probably never go on Fantage again. So logically, I won’t be on here anymore either.

Don’t ask me for my stuff because I’m not giving it to anyone. Despite how stupid it was, I actually spent real money on this game and I don’t want it to be a waste.

I really just need to get away from this community.

It feels like an endless pit that I just can’t escape from. It’s so toxic and full of drama. I’ve wasted so much on this game and I regret it so much, but what’s done is done…

I’m sure if you’re close enough to me to want my contact info, you already have most of it.

I’m gonna be focusing on other things for a while.

Nice knowing you guys.



Some ACNL Quiz That Marina Tagged Me In

Gee, THANKS, Marina!

This is going to take about a year to answer, so I hope all of you read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

1: Why did you name your character and town the way you did?
Well, I named myself Kat because, well, my name is Kat. I named my town Windsor because it popped in my head and I thought it sounded cool, but I later found out it was the name of a town near me. Oopsie.

2: Who is your favorite current villager?
I don’t know, honestly. Mira always puts me in a good mood, so I guess she is.

3: Who is your least favorite current villager?
Gabi. I really don’t like Gabi, especially since I already have Ruby as a peppy. I don’t need another one.

4: If you could pick any villager to move in, who would it be and why?
Either Genji or Octavian. I need a jock and a cranky, and they’re really appealing to me for some reason.

5: If you could date one special character (think Isabelle and others like her) who would it be?
I have no interest in dating an animal. Sorry.

6: Who or what truly runs your town?

7: Which K.K. Slider song do you like the most?
Forest Life and Marine Song 2001.

8: What is your least favorite K.K. Slider song?
I really can’t stand Bubblegum K.K..

9: If you were a villager, what type of villager (species and personality) would you be?
A lazy/uchi squirrel. (No, not a cat.)

10: When and why did you start playing Animal Crossing?
I saw a used copy of Wild World at a GameStop nearby in about 2012, and I just decided I wanted it. I also got another DS that day.

11: What is your nickname in the game?
Just Kat. I’m really simplistic.

12: What is a random fact about your town?
I have Pepper the cat from Neko Atsume as my flag.

13: Do you time travel?

14: If you could introduce one new villager species to the series, what would it be?
Birds. Not chickens. Birds.

15: Favorite island tour?
I forgot the exact name, but the HAMMER BOPPING ONE.

16: How much time do you spend playing New Leaf on average each day?
Either five minutes or five hours. Just depends on my mood.

17: When is your character’s birthday?
December 11th. Same as mine.

18: What is your favorite flower in the game?
I really like black roses. I can’t seem to make them fit in anywhere in my town, though.

19: What town project is your favorite?
Either the hot spring or the zen garden. I’m patiently waiting to unlock them.

20: What town project do you hate the most?
I find the signs rather useless.

21: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
More variation with villager personalities. I really hate that EVERY SINGLE PEPPY sounds EXACTLY THE SAME and EVERY SINGLE NORMAL sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. And cranky villagers aren’t even cranky any more. I want them to harass me until I start to learn more about their backstories and then have them OPEN UP TO ME AND SLOWLY CHANGE THEIR WAYS. But I think that’s too much to ask.

22: How would you describe your main character in three words?
Really good style.

23: Have you ever done something you are ashamed of or regret in this game?
Not paying attention to my town layout before choosing it. I should’ve looked more closely, but here I am.

24: What hobby do you like the most, bug hunting, fishing, or diving?
Fishing. It’s really relaxing.

25: Do you have any special characters that you dislike? If so, explain.
I hate how Blathers has literally been turned into a blabbering robot (or should I say… blathering…). I want to hear about the things I’m donating, not about him being afraid of bugs.

26: What furniture series do you like the most?
I really like the Princess, Sloppy, and Rococo series.

27: What furniture series do you like the least?
The Lovely set. I liked it at first, but it’s so bright and bland…

28: What would Tom Nook be willing to do for Bells?
Eat me.

29: Could Isabelle rule the world?
Under my ruling, she could.

30: Who do you think was supposed to be mayor instead of you?
I’ve got a feeling it was supposed to be one of your relatives or something.

31: What is your favorite thing about the game?
I can be friends with cute little bunnies. I can also wear Afros and not get judged.

32: What is your least favorite thing about the game?
I feel like I have to put all this effort into making my town look nice. It kinda ruins it for me.

33: Ever had a villager you loved move out on you?
Funny story, actually. I was completely in love with this squirrel Filbert in my old town. But then he moved to my brother’s town, which I didn’t realize. So after my brother didn’t play for a year and Filbert moved out of HIS town, he moved into my NEW town! So I have my old Filbert again, basically.

34: Who is the ugliest villager that you ever had or have?

Canberra. Canberra. CANBERRA.



35: What do you want the most in this game right now?
I really want to finish my house, actually. I only have the first expansion of the second floor done, which is pretty sad considering I’ve been playing since April.

36: Who is your most favorite villager in the entire game? Why?
I don’t really have one anymore. Oops.

37: Who is your least favorite villager in the entire game? Why?
Canberra. To be blunt, she sucks.

38: What does your character look like? (Their face, clothes, etc…)
First face, black eyes, red hair in a ponytail… I’m always wearing a crown without any facial accessories (unless it’s an eyepatch). Sometimes I wear a suit and sometimes I wear a custom QR dress. It depends on my mood.

Hey, that’s it!

Unfortunately, I’m not tagging anyone else to do this right now. My head really hurts. I have to stop typing.

I Got the Mega Hat

I’ve had hats before, you know. That St. Patrick’s Day Hat, that stupid Summer Fun Hat with the olive things…

But this hat…

Oh, THIS hat…





My loyal subjects all gather around to worship the Queen of Hats.

By acquiring this hat…

I have completed the mission failed by so many hat extraordinaires before!

I have unwittingly COMPLETED THE PROPHECY!

I will save the world…

With me and my beautiful hat.

I have become holy.

Pray to me.



Okay, everyone wanted to see my junk, so here you go:

I’m not selling or trading most of these items. Sorry.

But I think I’ve created a new definition of “hoarding”…

Oh, How Times Have Changed

I was lurking through my old posts and, low and behold, I stumbled upon an inventory video from almost a year ago.

Here it is:

I barely had anything back then…

It astounds me that I’ve managed to acquire so much junk over the past year. LOL

Should I post a current one for comparison?

I’ve Pulled Through

So I haven’t exactly had the best few days.

I bricked my brother’s old 3DS trying to fix it (ironically…), found a copy of Pokémon HeartGold in my house that turned out to be a counterfeit, and managed to make a complete fool of myself because I was fixing cars at school and I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

And then to top it all off, a few days ago, my laptop stopped working! HOORAY!

Basically, the desktop would crash whenever I clicked anything. And my USB ports weren’t working. Nice.

I tried every possible thing and I was starting to lose hope when my mom said that she was going to take it to Best Buy for repairs.

Juat an FYI: Best Buy hires untrained teens off the streets, so logically they wind up breaking more laptops than they fix.


So I smashed some buttons, found a really easy and obvious solution, DID that really easy and obvious solution, and here I am.

I made it.

A light at the end of the tunnel.


Just a PSA

If you want to talk to me and want me to actually read your messages within a year of sending them, I have an Instagram and I’m really active on it

like, really active

like, I’m on every day

it’s @danktage

go DM me on there if you want to talk to me

you can also enjoy my memes while you’re visiting